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Developer Relations Engineer - Android

$140,000 - $180,000 USD yearly
At Rive we're building a new category of design tool that transforms how products and games are built. With our real-time vector graphics engine we make it possible for designers to build functional graphics, without creative limits, while making it easy for devs to implement.

Since launching our public beta in 2021 we’ve seen tremendous organic growth. Our customers include major product and game companies like Duolingo and Figma. We're working with legendary game studios, massive brands, apps with millions of users, car companies, and we even have Rive pixels in space! 

Rive is looking for an experienced Android engineer to join our developer relations team with a focus on our Android ecosystem.

In this role, you'll help support and maintain a crucial part of the Rive product, the runtime libraries. While showcasing the power of Rive by creating compelling examples and content to share with the community you'll work to inspire and support a growing community of developers and designers looking to use Rive in their products and games.

You'll join a dynamic team working on an exciting product. You'll have the autonomy to drive projects and create engaging and innovative examples using Rive. Additionally, you'll play a pivotal role in supporting a growing community while having the opportunity to expand your technical prowess across various runtimes. Expect opportunities to build fun projects, attend conferences, and collaborate with passionate individuals.

What you'll do
  • Support, maintain, and own the Rive Android runtimes.
    • Expose and maintain Rive features.
    • Ensure support for devices across the Android platform.
    • Build and maintain APIs to support Jetpack Compose UI alongside XML with Rive content.
    • Write and maintain a test suite for Rive Android.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments in the Android ecosystem and plan for supporting new features, devices, SDK versions, and more.
  • Act as a technical resource to the Rive team and community for our Android runtime.
  • Build creative demo and tutorial content with Rive that inspires developers and designers alike.
  • Developer Experience:
    • Ensure API and developer experience are aligned across all Rive runtimes.
  • Build third-party developer tools (APIs, SDKs).
  • Triage issues reported by customers and the community.
  • Documentation:
    • Support documentation efforts to create a positive experience for developers, whether they are beginners or experienced Rive customers.
  • Creating relevant sample code to supplement API descriptions or examples.
  • Spread awareness of Rive by building community, driving discussions, and providing guidance to developers.
  • Collaborate and support our existing customers to ensure they have knowledge of best practices using our runtimes.
  • Relay feedback to the product team to help influence the product roadmap based on community feedback.
What you will bring
  • Empathy for developers, knowing what can make or break a first experience using SDKs, libraries, documentation, etc.
  • A willingness to share in the open - we like to build content for tutorials, whether they be through video/audio or written content.
  • Applicants should have excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Engineering background
    • Proficiency in the Android SDK and framework
    • Understanding of the ins and outs, gotchas, how to work with resource-constrained devices.
    • Best practices on testing.
Bonus Points for:
  • Experience using Rive! 
  • Proficiency with multiple SDKs and frameworks. 
  • Experience working with and building third-party developer tools (e.g., APIs, SDKs). 
  • Experience writing C++ bindings or general C++ experience is extremely helpful.
  • Experience with JNI, graphics or lower level programing.
  • Experience with, or an interest in learning, multiple-platform frameworks, such as Compose Multiplatform, React Native, and Flutter. 
  • Participation in developer communities and ecosystems such as open-source platforms, blogs, YouTube video series, tech conferences, hackathons, meetups, technical teaching, and training. 
  • Examples of written content (i.e: personal blog, documentation, other). 
Location: Remote, with the ability to work core hours centered around Pacific or Mountain time U.S.

Compensation and benefits: We offer a remote work environment, comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage as well as stock options. The base salary range for this role is $140-180k. Compensation may depend on level of experience and geographic location.

At Rive we are a global group of passionate designers and developers who believe in transparency, failing fast, quick iteration, and experimentation. We aim to build a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels supported.

Backed by a16z and Two Sigma Ventures, we have an incredible opportunity to be game changers in the world of creating interactive content. Help us accelerate the design industry's transition to Rive!